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Lancaster Eagle Gazette endorses Greg Russell for mayor. Click here to read the endorsement

I am Greg Russell and I want to become Lancaster Ohio’s next mayor.  I have given a great deal of thought to what it will take to be an effective mayor for this great city and to my candidacy.  I put my thoughts in an open letter to the citizens of Lancaster and published it on this website weeks ago.  Excerpts from that letter appeared as a letter to the Eagle Gazette editor on September 10, 2017.  My letter can be read by clicking here.

Since publishing my letter I have given more thought to why I am running.  Simply put, I am running in order to Move Lancaster Forward.  I believe we have been stagnant for too long and it is time to change that.

This website shares my qualifications to be Lancaster’s next mayor and my vision for the city.  It also provides you, the citizens and taxpayers of Lancaster, an opportunity to ask me questions about my vision or my campaign.  It will tell you where I stand on current topics and where you can meet with me to hear my ideas and to share yours.

Each of the major sections in the website are shown below.  You may access these pages by clicking on the link or through the menu above.  The sections are:

Qualifications – This page tells you who I am.  It includes personal information as well as information about my community service, leadership positions, community involvement and some of the recognition I have received.

My Vision – I grew up in Lancaster and I want to Move Lancaster Forward.  This page tells you what I will try to accomplish if I am elected Lancaster’s next mayor.  It also serves as a gateway to five more pages that introduce some of the ways I will go about accomplishing my vision.

My Thoughts – Throughout the campaign, I expect there will be new topics arising that will affect Lancaster’s future.  This page allows me to share my thoughts on those topics and provides you an opportunity to ask questions about a specific topic.

EndorsementsOn this page you can read what others are saying about me when they support my candidacy for mayor

Ask Greg – Ask Greg is your page.  You may ask me questions on any topic including issues about my campaign.  I will attempt to respond to you within 24 hours, if not sooner.

Events – During the weeks leading up to the November 7 election, I will be out and about Lancaster.  I want to give you an opportunity to get to know me and hear my ideas for moving Lancaster forward.  I also want to hear what is on your mind and hear your ideas for making Lancaster a place where people want to come to live, work and enjoy life.

How You Can Help – Every campaign needs a lot of support in order to be successful.  This page outlines how you can help with my campaign.

Contact Me – Use this page to find where I may be reached, a phone number to call if you want to talk about my ideas for moving Lancaster forward, or to send an email.

My vision for Lancaster can be seen in the following video.


To learn more about my background and my community and professional accolades, click here to read my biography

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Please share your thoughts on what it takes to be a good mayor or my vision or any other topic of interest.  To do so, Leave a Reply below.  Your comments will be posted to the page, unless they contain in appropriate content such as profanity, disparaging remarks about the candidates, etc.


3 Responses to Greg Russell for Mayor

  1. Good Morning Mr. Russell, My name is John Bradford and I represent the organization Keep Mt. Pleasant Green. You can find us on Facebook and our petition with We oppose the lighting of Mt. Pleasant. By the end of this weekend we may have 5,000 signatures on our petition. We want to know where you stand on this issue. We will be at the upcoming mayoral debates and we will ask each candidate how they stand on this issue. You can view our petition and statement of purpose at: Thank you for consideration.

    • Greg Russell says:

      After watching the video, I thought lighting the mountain would be kind of neat. But I also attended the meeting where individual citizens were given the right to express their opinion and found that the majority of those in attendance opposed lighting the mountain. I believe the mountain belongs to all of us, not in a legal sense but in the sense of our heritage and community pride. Therefore, I hope all of our citizens make their opinion known. At the end of the public input period, I would encourage the Parks Board to do what the majority favors. If that is not to light the mountain, I would not be opposed to that outcome.

  2. Thank Your for your response Mr. Russell

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