Lancaster Eagle Gazette endorses Greg Russell for mayor.  Says “Russell ‘s no-nonsense style will serve the city well”.

After meeting all three candidates, the Lancaster Eagle Gazette Editorial Board published its endorsement in the October 15, 2017 edition.  It reads as follows.

Nearly two years ago, the Eagle-Gazette backed Democrat Greg Russell’s candidacy for mayor, stating he would bring a “fresh look” to the mayor’s office.

Republican Brian Kuhn won that election and within a year was under scrutiny for his personal and professional dealings. As our reporting earlier this year found, the local GOP’s top brass ignored repeated warnings that should have red-flagged him as a candidate.

After Kuhn’s resignation from the office in late January, Russell is back to challenge for the open seat, along with Republican David Scheffler and independent candidate Clayton Lunsford — both making their first tries at elective office.

Russell and Lunsford — and even Scheffler to a degree — are campaigning on a change platform with Russell and Lunsford easily distancing themselves from the “good ole’ boys network.” Scheffler, meanwhile, says he’s not a part of the GOP establishment and has only campaigned after repeated encouragement from city residents.

While an intelligent and energetic candidate, Lunsford just isn’t prepared enough for the job. If he were a candidate for a seat on city council, he might be more appealing, but the city needs more seasoned and experienced leadership than he can provide at this time.

Which leaves the choice between Russell and Scheffler — two men who love and work hard to better the city and its residents and possess a command of the critical issues. Ultimately, the question comes down to this: Do the people of Lancaster deserve a change, respective of the qualifications of both candidates?

We believe they do and, for that change, Greg Russell is the best choice for mayor in 2017.

There’s no question that Scheffler has the qualifications to handle the job well. His private sector experience, the relationships he’s cultivated through the years, his expertise, and his sophistication speak well of him as a candidate. His work with Destination Downtown Lancaster has proven to be an asset to the community.

But Russell has the qualifications, relationships, and experience as well. He’s run his own business, Tiki Lanes, for decades and served a two-year stint on council. He’s an active resident through community service and understands the local business community. As we said two years ago, Russell “would bring a fresh perspective” to the mayor’s office.

That’s what Lancaster needs. The last few years have given us a mayor who resigned in disgrace and a city council president suing his colleagues, and that’s just what happened in the city. Those candidates were backed by a power structure that demands to be challenged.

While we believe Scheffler is qualified, we’re not convinced he will challenge the status quo and push back against the political powers enough. Russell ‘s no-nonsense style will serve the city well. He seems well-suited to push when needed, compromise when necessary and correct to do, and will continue to champion the town throughout the region, state, and country.

Mac Gray says Make a difference in our town, Vote for Greg Russell

In a letter to the Lancaster Eagle Gazette’s editor appearing in the October 1, 2017 edition,  Mac wrote:

For those of you who still reside in the city of Lancaster, we have an opportunity to really make a difference in our town. Our friend Greg Russell is running for mayor in November.

Greg has always been a great friend to me and I know too many of you as well. He has done quite a bit, not only for Lancaster but for Fairfield County. Greg is really striving to make a difference and a positive impact on our city. While he has worked the last 27 years at Tiki Lanes and is currently the managing partner, he is also served on City Council.

Greg is quite involved with the community and has a special heart for helping youth. Not only at the bowling alley, but through Charity Newsies, Cordle Cares foundation, they do fundraising for Special Olympics. He has won numerous awards for his community service. Regardless of your political party affiliation, I feel that Greg Russell would be the best man to run for mayor of the city of Lancaster.

Mac Gray

Ken Culver wants voters to choose Greg Russell for mayor

In a letter to the Lancaster Eagle Gazette’s editor appearing in the September 17, 2017 edition,  Ken wrote:

There’s a good chance that I wouldn’t be writing this letter now had there been a level playing field in 2015 when Brian Kuhn and Greg Russell ran for mayor. It was during that campaign that rumors were swirling about Brian Kuhn’s previous business practices and personal life.

Greg knew about the rumors but chose not to play low-ball politics. In exchange for his
integrity, he was defeated. Those in the opposing party knew about them too but chose to ignore the signs, cover up the facts and/or delay the inevitable revelations until after the election. Their explanations ranged from being overly trusting, to party loyalty to an apparent lack of curiosity. In any event, Brian Kuhn was elected, then resigned and now will be replaced for a two-year period by the winner of this November’s election.

Greg Russell’s attributes center around integrity but they don’t stop there. He has a passion for Lancaster, which is his hometown and place of birth. As General Manager of Tiki Lanes, he has generously opened his business to a wide-variety of charitable events such as Breast Cancer Awareness, the Cordle Cares Foundation, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Greg is a past president of Charity Newsies and continues to support its causes.

He is a former City Councilman at Large and was an early proponent of citizen involvement in getting the street levy passed in 2013, a ten-year program to address city-wide street and alley maintenance.

That’s vision. Integrity, passion, vision…change the order and you have VIP. You, the voter, are the VIP in this case.

Choose Greg Russell for mayor this November.

Ken Culver

Dave Bornino asks voters to support Greg Russell

In a letter to the Lancaster Eagle Gazette’s editor appearing in the September 17, 2017 edition,  Dave wrote:

I am asking for your support for Greg Russell candidate for Mayor of the City of Lancaster.

I’ve known Greg for more than 35 years. He has been an excellent businessman, bringing many events to Lancaster. These events have brought many visitors along with dollars to our community.

He was a Lancaster City Council member for two years, working with both parties getting many things accomplished, including the street paving program.

He is very active in our community. With his involvement in these organizations, he has been able to work closely with a variety of personalities. He has been able to work with both political parties as a businessman and a member of City Council.

He has demonstrated a strong leadership ability, which will be very beneficial with all of the conflicts that have arisen between administrations and City Council.

Remember this November we will elect a person to fill a vacant term, therefore this individual will be mayor for only two years. This makes the November election very important for the fact that we need a person like Greg Russell that will be able to step into this position, that has the knowledge how the city operates.

I am asking all voters to give him the chance to show the citizens of Lancaster, that he is the best candidate for Mayor.

David S. Bornino

Tammy Dobrina Asks Voters to support Greg Russell

In a letter to the Lancaster Eagle Gazette’s editor appearing in the September 10, 2017 edition,  Tammy wrote:

“Lancaster voters will be electing a new mayor in November. From comments I have read and heard, what voters hope to see is someone they can trust and who will move the city forward. That person is Greg Russell.
Greg has the experience to know how to get things done, plus a vision of what is needed and how to succeed. He has already formulated a plan of action to address some of the most pressing needs, such as fighting the drug epidemic, improving City services and public safety, prioritizing code enforcement, and can start getting the job done on Day One. (His plans can be found on the website www.russell4mayor.com, along with much more info on the candidate.)

Greg has a long history of supporting the community and been recognized with many awards over the years for his involvement. But he doesn’t do it for recognition – he does it because he truly cares and wants to make his hometown the best it can be.
Greg can be counted on to do what he says he will do. He is a man of honor and integrity who will work tirelessly to solve the critical issues facing Lancaster. I encourage Lancaster citizens to vote Greg Russell for Mayor. “

Tammy Drobina
Carroll Mayor

Bob Muckenstrum Endorses Greg Russell For Mayor – Wants to send message to Fairfield County Republican Party

In a letter to the Lancaster Eagle Gazette’s editor appearing in the September 3, 2017 edition,  Bob wrote:

“This year we have three candidates running for mayor, they are all great human beings.

But with that said; only one can be chosen and the choice is a clear one. But this year the voters of Lancaster have a much larger issue which must be considered before casting their vote. What message should be sent to the Republican Party after our city and county have suffered disgrace and questionable office selection procedures?

Therefore, I am proudly endorsing Democratic candidate Greg Russell for Mayor of Lancaster. He has worked effectively in Lancaster for many years, during which time he has cultivated a thriving business while providing reliable jobs.

As a Lancaster City Council member with a unique ability to manage business challenges, control costs and promote Lancaster charities. He often makes available his business resources, free of charge, to benefit charities dear to all of our hearts. He would not admit this openly, but then, this is the kind of person he is.

Greg Russell is a proud graduate of Lancaster High School and a favorite son of this great city. He is honest, reliable, and, as shown through his business, a willingness to work the long hours needed for the office of mayor of Lancaster. It is his time and for us, the citizens of Lancaster, it is time to excel as a city. “

Bob Muckensturm