Taking Care of Our Resources

Lancaster is blessed with abundant resources upon which we can draw.  We are in good financial condition as evidenced by our better than average bond rating.  We have outstanding natural resources as evidenced by our park system, abundant supply of good water and our location’s natural beauty.  And, our city’s role in the early growth of Ohio and the nation offers a unique advantage in promoting Lancaster as a place to live, work and enjoy life.

To me, being elected mayor means you are entrusting me with the city’s well being.  It means I am responsible for taking care of and preserving our resources and for using those resources in such a way as to Move Lancaster Forward.  I accept that responsibility and expect Lancaster’s citizens and taxpayers to hold me accountable for doing the job well.

My vision for a job well done means that I will work closely with City Council to ensure that our financial house remains in order, not just at budget time but all of the time.  I will start the budget process earlier in the year in order to allow Council more time to review the budget and to meet with my department heads if Council chooses to do so.  Once Council approves the budget, I will hold department heads accountable for their performance against that budget as well as their operational performance.

I will also bring the same business oriented perspective to City government that I have used as managing partner of Tiki Lanes.  I will look for ways to save the city money by reducing the number of vendors from whom the city buys goods and services and I will require that investments made on new capital items be returned to the city in terms of tangible savings in a reasonable time frame.  I will also work with the City’s Planning Commission to develop a feasible plan to guide the city’s operations and growth.

I will work tirelessly to care for and protect our natural resources, especially our parks and our water supply.  I will do so by appointing or reappointing members to the Parks Commission that share my view that our city’s parks must be preserved and properly maintained and that the Department of Parks and Recreation must be held accountable for its performance.  And, I will encourage the Commission members to ensure the Department is responsive to our citizens, particularly when it comes to honoring commitments made during the Park Department’s last levy campaign.

Lancaster is blessed with an abundant supply of good clean water.  That means that the future of Lancaster will not be hindered by the lack of water.  We will be able to provide sufficient water for our homes and business and attract new businesses that use large amounts of water.  In short, water is vital to our future and I will ensure it is protected.  That means that should any new development be planned within the Wellhead Protection zone, I will require sufficient testing be done at all levels to ensure that our water supply is not threatened before issuing any building permits for the planned development.

I also will work to ensure that we respect our history and that we find ways to better leverage all of our historic resources.  Those resources are contained in four historic districts recognized by the National Park Service.  I will work to care for and preserve those resources by appointing members to the Historic Lancaster Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals who share my view that those resources must be cared for and preserved.  I will encourage the Historic Lancaster Commission to use its legislated authority to ensure that property owners maintain properties within the historic districts and I will work with our museums, the Fairfield County Historic Parks Commission and the Visitors and Convention Bureau to find ways for them to collaborate and leverage our history to promote Lancaster as a place where tourists want to come and stay.

Taking care of our financial, natural and historic resources is just one aspect of my vision for moving Lancaster forward.  To read more about my vision, click here.

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If you would like to comment on my vision, please leave a reply in the space below.  I am anxious for your feedback because I believe we must all work together to make this vision a reality.  However, I do reserve the right to remove or edit profane or other comments that do not contribute to moving Lancaster forward.